Aberystwyth-Kronberg Twinning

About Kronberg

Kronberg-im-Taunus gets its name from the Taunus Mountains North of Frankfurt. Frankfurt is one of the main commercial centres in Germany, and there is a residential hinterland around the city with over 4m people. Kronberg is one of the towns in the Frankfurt orbit, and is linked to the city by an excellent public train service. The Taunus Mountains are a popular area for hill-walking and mountain-biking.

Kronberg Castle was built in 1220, and town rights were granted to the small settlement by the Holy Roman Emperor in 1330. The castle and surrounding medieval streets have survived to the present day and make the town a tourism hotspot.

In the 19th century, the town attracted wealthy members of the Frankfurt elite who built villas, and also the Kronberg Painters’ Colony.

Aberystwyth, Wales and Kronberg, Germany

Kronberg, Germany


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