Aberystwyth-Kronberg Twinning

Summary of August 2022 Kronberg Trip

A group of AKT members and a band led by Alan Phillips went to Kronberg for the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the official twinning. Here is a summary of the trip with some photos.

We had two minibuses to transport us around, one loaned from the Basketball Club and one from Kronberg Council. On Friday 5th August, we went to Kubacher Kristallhöhle, near Wetzlar – this is a cave system within limestone with plentiful crystal formation. In the afternoon, we went to Limburg which has one of the finest medieval Altstadt sections in Germany. In the evening, we had the official twinning anniversary celebration in the Stadthalle.

On Saturday & Sunday, the band played several times at different locations during the Wein und Kunst festival weekend; and also played at Aber-Kreisel, the roundabout named for Aberystwyth where there is a dragon sculpture and a plaque celebrating the twinning.

We were blessed with good weather throughout the trip. Not much has changed in Kronberg since our last visit – but they now have a beach in summer. In the Berlinerplatz, they have put down an area of sand, and you can have a deck chair and ice creams just like at the seaside!

On Monday 8th August we went to Felsenmeer, which is an area of granitic stone formation with an interesting history of being worked by the Romans. The next day the band members went to Frankfurt and then to the swimming baths, while the AKT members visited the Opel Zoo and went to a newly-constructed viewing platform between Kronberg and Königstein which gives excellent views over the whole area.