Aberystwyth-Kronberg Twinning

Twinning Activities

AKT has meetings every 1-2 months to which all members are invited. It elects a committee every year at its annual general meeting to run the organisation for the next 12 months. AKT aims to build up the profile of twinning in various ways:

  • We provide financial assistance to clubs and societies who wish to develop twinning links with similar clubs and societies in Kronberg.
  • We provide assistance to individuals, usually school pupils from the Aberystwyth area, who are going on organised exchanges to Kronberg.
  • We attend public events in Aberystwyth to provide information about twinning and to encourage people to join AKT.
  • We have fund-raising social events for our members such as dinners quiz evenings and occasionally, a celebration of Fasching, the German carnival.
  • Our main exchange event every year is the annual Christmas Market held every year in December in Kronberg.

We will be visiting Kronberg twice in 2024. The first visit will be to the Kunst & Weinmarkt festival held on the weekend of 3rd – 4th August. The second visit will be to the Christmas Market held on the weekend of 7th – 8th December. If you want to join in one of these trips, please contact the secretary.  

The next association meeting will be held on Monday 29th April 2024 at 6.30pm in the Aberystwyth Town Council offices at 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth. (Non-members are welcome to attend.)